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What to Expect

Physical Therapy is both a commitment and an opportunity. Your trust in our care and the time and energy you put into your rehabilitation will make a world of difference in your long-term success. You will find our therapists and staff approachable and timely with any questions about your care, coverage and financial obligations, and our clinic policies. Please feel free to communicate your needs, questions, and/or concerns at any point during your treatment.  A few general questions about your care can be found answered below.


What can I expect on my first visit to David Stevenson Physical Therapy?

Please arrive 10-15 minute prior to your initial evaluation with necessary paperwork (you may complete the paperwork at your convenience by downloading forms online). At that time, our office staff will review your paperwork and insurance benefits and ensure that you have all that you need prior to your start of care. You will then be evaluated by one of our licensed physical therapists. Your evaluation will be a one-on-one session in which the clinician will perform a thorough exam to determine the cause of your problem or complaint. Based on this evaluation, you will be consulted on your diagnosis and any questions you have about your therapy plan will be addressed. You will also be issued an initial home exercise program that is prescribed by your clinician specifically for you. Frequently, there is also time for a short treatment, during which immediate relief of your problem area or pain can be addressed.

What should I bring to my first visit?

You should wear or bring comfortable workout clothes (including shoes and socks), your prescription from your physician, your insurance card, and a method of payment of your co-pay/deductible if applicable. If you use an assistive device (like a cane, walker, or shoe orthotics) that relate to your diagnosis, please bring that with you
as well.

Who is involved in my rehabilitation?

After a comprehensive evaluation, goal assessment, and treatment plan, you will be scheduled for a return visit(s) based on your physician and clinician’s recommendation.Your rehabilitation will be overseen by your primary licensed
physical therapist, with assistance from licensed physical therapist assistants.
Our most important goal is to help you get relief and answers to your problem, meet your long-term rehabilitation and treatment goals, and prevent further injury.

Will my physician be involved in my rehab?
The physician/therapist relationship is an important one in order to effectively serve patients. Most physicians rely on our knowledge and expertise of the movement systems of the body for guidance on a specific diagnosis. A detailed copy of our evaluation and assessment will be sent to your physician after your first treatment. Likewise, progress notes will be sent to update your doctor on advancement toward your goals.

Who Are Our Physical Therapists?
Physical Therapists are state licensed to practice physical therapy and are professionally educated in evaluating and treating injuries, surgeries and movement disorders. Our therapists also have advanced training and skills to best manage even the most complex movement-related or pain problems. If you are new to physical therapy, or if you’ve had therapy elsewhere, we are confident you will appreciate the art and science of rehab practiced at its highest and also most personal and comfortable level at David Stevenson Physical Therapy.

We appreciate your trust in us, and the time and energy you are willing to put
into your rehabilitation. That’s why we’re sure you’ve made the right choice with David Stevenson Physical Therapy.

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